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by Charlotte on Blank Business Name

Mike is a great PT! I was not planning on taking personal training lessons in general but once I've won a PT lesson and noticed how useful and great PT from Mike is, I knew I wanted and needed to continue this! He knows what is good for you and really wants to set goals and knows how to help you to reach these goals.

by Willem on Blank Business Name

Het is fijn om te trainen bij Mike. Hij begint op tijd, traint intensief maar net niet te en vindt het belangrijk om ook te stretchen. Mike helpt me echt om m’n doelen te bereiken: ontspannen door inspanning en op een gecontroleerde manier. Aanrader!

by Kimberly on Blank Business Name

Ik train inmiddels 6 maanden met Mike en kan het iedereen aanraden. Ik ben gestart met trainen vanwege rugklachten. Met dank aan het juiste trainingsschema en de juiste oefeningen waren mijn klachten binnen afzienbare tijd voorbij. Inmiddels train ik met als doel fit en bikini proof te worden. Resultaten zijn al zichtbaar en wederom blijkt, Mike zorgt ervoor dat je je doelen kunt bereiken. Hij zorgt voor afwisseling in de trainingen, iedere keer weer iets unieks. Hij weet je te motiveren en is een expert in zijn vak.

Mike is a great PT. He is very kind, but also strict. He keeps you motivated throughout the sessions and after. His advice on technique is on point. Results show after only a few sessions.

by Sertac on Blank Business Name

Ik vind Mike een van de beste PT die ik ken! Hij blijft je van begin tot einde motiveren en hij weet niet van ophouden! Geweldige man

I have Known Mike all my life and he’s always trained and stayed healthy. With nearly 30 years experience Mike has all the tools to get you in shape and keep you in shape. I would recommend Mike to anyone.

by Monique van Putten on Blank Business Name

Na 6 maanden lekker gesport te hebben, goede begeleiding!Hij geeft mij doorzettingsvermogen om niet te snel op te gevenMooi resultaat bereikt.Thanks Mike.

by Alexis Downing on Blank Business Name

I started training with Mike in December. He is a great PT; kind but tough and keeps the motivation going not only through each session but also from week to week.Each session is different which keeps it interesting and he's on point with postural correction and advice. I'm feeling stronger and fitter (and fit into my old jeans 😉

by Peter Ensing on Blank Business Name

Mike is a good personal trainer who takes his job serious.He has discipline and is well organized.With his kind but strict and motivating character he makes sure you have a personal trainer that gets you where you need to be to get a healthy body!

by Dylan Ginnish on Blank Business Name

Mike is a great pt. We lifted weight for a good two years he has helped me ALOT lots of experiance and knows what he is doing!! He is also just a great motavating guy to be around!! Pushed my limits in every workout.Goede trainer zelf samen heel veel getraind. Veel geleerd van hem hij is ook een motiverend man om bij te zijn. Haal het uiterste uit je.

by Rashell Murray on Blank Business Name

Highly recommend Fit-Nut really great work outs in one 2 one training and also groups.I've trained with other PT's in the past who did no paperwork; mikes really professional and it's refreshing to feel like it's not just about the money.

by Yazmin Lala on Blank Business Name

Mike is a very good trainer, he takes his job very serious, i must say in a very short period i could see my body changing! I would recommend FitNut to everyone!

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